KIZARU – Если бы я был тобой (Prod.Realitybeats)

Kuzaru (Kizaru) is Oleg Nechiporenko, he was born a wealthy family in the city of St. Petersburg on May 21, 1989 (he is now 28 years old). When Oleg was quite a child – his father leaves the family, but continues to provide the son and mother by giving them big money. In his youth, Oleg can be considered the so-called “golden youth”, he spends money apart from them: expensive clothes, drugs and alcohol, in general, live to the fullest. Such a luxurious and free life lasts until a certain moment: his mother has trouble in business because of which it is necessary to sell all of his acquired property. The life situation of Kizaru does not change for the better.

“I have a difficult life story, I’m pushing drugs since I was 16. I started trading because my mother was” thrown out “by 6 million euros in childhood, after she was deceived, I had to change my apartment, address, school – I had to change Of course, the circle of communication changed, because my former wealthy friends turned away from me, because now I had nothing. ” KIZARU

The young man on the horizon appears the option of entering a prestigious university with the help of family ties, but he is burning with the desire to return to a secure life as soon as possible and makes a choice in favor of drug trafficking. The very first sale he makes in selling to friends under the guise of marijuana – tea. There were cases when law enforcement bodies caught Kizar for his illegal activities, so that not to go to jail, policemen paid a bribe of 300 tr. Simultaneously with “forbidden affairs” and enthusiasm for skateboarding, our hero begins to move in the direction of creativity. He writes his first lines at the age of 20.

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