POP UP KLAP in Paris episode 2

From November 20 to December 4, 2014, KLAP invests the gallery of 56 Rue Volta in the heart of the Marais!

An event like the collective mixing pop up store of the brand with the preview of its latest collection, exhibitions, video projections, installations, live performances, graffiti, music, merchandising (silkscreen in different formats, textile) .
A space of life invested during the day and in the evening at the rate of 2 cycles of exhibitions and multiple highlights!

All the works will be on sale, as well as many related products: posters, postcards, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers …

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– MIKE KERSHNAR // Illustration, Painting, Graffiti

– LUCAS BEAUFORT // Illustration, Painting
https://www.facebook.com/Beaufort.Lucas – https://www.facebook.com/thelbproject.artexhibition

– FERNI // Painting

– HOBZ // Illustration, Graffiti, Design

– HARIBOW // Illustration, Graffiti

– BIRDERLINE // Illustration, Graffiti
http://www.birderline.com/ – http://www.p-i-e-r-r-e.com/

– FRENCH SALADE // Designer, Fine artist

– JULIEN DENIAU // Installation, Painting, Photo

– CORINNE SEGUIN // Installation, Illustration
corinneseguin.tumblr.com / http://www.co2designs.com/

– MAJIIM // Photo, Video
http://majiim.tumblr.com/ – https://www.facebook.com/thewatchershow




– ANTOINE VILLOTTE // Photo, Video – https://www.flickr.com/photos/haloa/

– HYDRANE LO // Board Painting, Illustration

– DAPHNÉ HOLLE // Board Painting

– NASSAIRE GROOVE // Illustration, Hand Writing

Esse foi o resultado da arte de Nassaire diretamente nas rodas da Legitime! Essas artes você vai encontrar na edição limitada de colaboração, apenas nas melhores skateshops!

Publié par Legitime Wheels sur jeudi 29 août 2013


Music programming /

– KOOL TRASHER (Stylss Music)

– JOSTEREO (Klap, Jemmapes)

– MR OLDJAY (Klap, Kiff Records)

Communication // PR // Global coordination – www.komagency.net

Thank you to our partners!!

GROLSH // https://www.facebook.com/GrolschFrance

POSCA // http://www.posca.com/en

PARIS THE NIGHT // https://www.facebook.com/ParisLaNuit.fr

FROM PARIS // https://www.facebook.com/frompariscollectif

URBANIST // https://www.facebook.com/Urbanist.fr

OPEN MINDED // https://www.facebook.com/opnminded

RADIOMARAIS // https://www.facebook.com/radiomarais

CYCLONES MAG // https://www.facebook.com/cyclonesmag

90 BPM // https://www.facebook.com/90bpm.official

BEAT A L’AIR // https://www.facebook.com/beatalair

THE BREAK // https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Pause/324496557662538

KINGZ.FR // https://www.facebook.com/kingz.fr

AGD MAG // https://www.facebook.com/AGDMAG

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Klap family

A homegrown media from Paris based in Barcelona.

We share original content & amazing ideas for passionate people.