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His name may not tell you anything, but he may well scoff at you. We are obviously talking about Kareem Kalokoh, a young Greek rapper from Sierra Leone, who was launched in France in 2016 thanks to the initiative of Face Cachée. Discovered on Soundcloud via the EP ATH2090s, the founder of the collective ATH KIDS then released his first solo album on August 11, 2017 titled CONGO. From this album will be born two hits, the second of which is being imaged today by Colors. Make way for the Whip Game.

Kareem Kalokoh catapult Whip Game at Colors

Kareem Kalokoh is therefore an expert on the Whip Game, or the art of turning his wrist to cook the sauce. It’s not in the kitchen, but in the studios of Colors that we find the young rapper with a daring flow. Athens found his representative. Durag tightly tied on the head, Kareem portrays a dark and grunge life in the heart of the Greek capital. The piece extracted from CONGO has the right to a second life that should allow him to settle more in the French landscape.

“CONGO”, a French release planned soon

If CONGO has already emerged outside the Mediterranean, this is not yet the case in France. Well aware of the international potential of his music, Kareem has already planned a release in the French bins for his album. No date officially announced for the moment, but it should not be too late. Meanwhile, the album is available on all streaming platforms, so no excuse. Let’s hope that the reputation of Kareem climbs as fast from 0 to 100 as the Ducati which he proudly wears the colors in his new clip. This passage in Colors is clearly not trivial, open the eye.

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