Tape Hunt – Ouroboros Road

A one day “Road Trip” with Marcio Roberto and Kevin Besset through unknow countryside roads of Catalunya.

Thanks to the Ouroboros on our way!

Thanks to Julien Deniau @unavista.photos

“A lot of skateboarding and a lot of bike has happened since the date this video was recorded, one day when Kevin B7 still had his magnificent Peugeot 206 and I did not know anything about it. Catalunya, except from Badalona to Hospitalet. One day we agreed that the plan would be to leave without destination towards the Pyrenees, border of Spain with the south of France, to see some “Peoples”, roadside ditchies and an area with full – parked steel pylons.

The intention was even to ride the tubes, because Kevin always does this route BCN – France and said he had seen it when passing by, but from point A to point B we always know that a lot happens and that is how several spots appeared on the way .

We saw a lot, a snake that ate its tail, “Ouroboros”, a “Ghost” town that we only realized that everyone was in the public pool of the village because it was very hot. In addition to the history of the tile staircase that the Marcio Roberto gives a 50-50. We walked for about 30 minutes, it was at the side of the road, suddenly out of nowhere there was a tractor with the owner wanting to get back in Kevin’s car, just chaotic and comical.

In the end we went to ruins that bordered the road, we took a San Miguel and we all returned calmly admiring the landscape. Most of all it was a day when everyone had fun and saw something new, thanks to skateboarding.

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