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After making headlines with his series Unplugged and having started his tour in the best way between France and England, Sopico gives us an appointment with J.Snow. An excerpt from his project YË, available today. An egotrip charged with presenting an unusual personality, perfectionist and sometimes dark …

Sopico, a rapper capable of everything
If he has taken the habit of sending us guitar tunes well, Sopico also knows how to cut his own productions with an unparalleled talent. He proves it with the implacable J.Snow, the famous character of the famous series Game Of Thrones. A brutal piece, charged to make the presentations of a YË halfway between several influences. Determined to be heard, he poses here with his gang, his gang, in front of the camera of Gabriel Dugué for a detonating visual. Nothing better to defend the release of his opus!

“YË”, already available
J.Snow, a piece that is extracted from YË, an opus unveiled today by the artist. 

“On the project, I wanted to follow my inspirations and let myself go, choose the elements that I like and associate them. There are quite dark productions, which have a tone, a rather metallic flavor, a very cold thing. Often, the guitar counteracts that when it arrives in chorus, never really in the whole piece. This is what makes down the brutal delirium of certain sounds. I made all the prods on the disc and in the end, it represents what I wanted to have as a sound in fact. On this project, there is an impulsive delirium, where I wanted to put the guitar in a bubble. I wanted to have a more pronounced musical arrogance. ”

Second extract of the YË project, available since January 26th.

To listen to YË it’s here:

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