Big Budha Cheez – Epicerie Coréenne

Prince Waly and Fiasko proximo, who form the Big Budha Cheez duo, will lead our beginning of the year 2018 with the album “Epicerie Corenne”.

On February 23, 2018, Big Budha Cheez, the iconic French group of the neo-retro rap scene composed of Prince Waly and Fiasko Proximo, will unveil an album entitled Korean Epicerie. The project was introduced with the release of the Murphy Dog clip in November 2016.

Tracklist de Epicerie Coreenne

  1. Belle mer
  2. Puffy
  3. Hell
  4. Maison blanche
  5. Chez Ace
  6. Une balle dans un flingue
  7. Jack n’a qu’un oeil
  8. Shaquille
  9. Momo
  10. Murphy Dog
  11. Epicerie Coreenne
  12. Jennyfer ft Oxmo Puccino

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