The flagship piece of Grems’ last album “Sans Titre # 7”, the track “Balaras Les Flows” alongside Hedi Yusef on a Cahmo production and directed by Grems & Damien Georges is finally clipped. This title is a gateway to the particular world of the rapper, designer, graffiti artist and shows his condition when he composes music: he fights the race. He has long claimed that rap is for him a passion and not a source of income and therefore intends to do what he likes. For proof he had announced not to release album and in the end we delivered a few weeks ago.

Rate at the bottom of the page, oh yes, you do not have the mesh
Your life for three / four grams; at night, you do not have to graze

Author of a project that has delighted the environment, Grems is aware of making a music that does not necessarily speak to everyone, if you adhere to his world, go for “Untitled # 7” and why not throw an ear on these previous projects.

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