Dosseh – Papillon ft. 13 Block

Dosseh (aka “LaFamine” or “Yuri”), brother of Pit Baccardi, the famous rapper had become known by mixtapes then he had crossed the borders of our country with his solo album: “Yuri”, certified a Golden disc. 13 Block is a Parisian rap group pushed by the Elektra structure, owned by Warner Music France, they had been very noticed from their first sounds, their signature had been an event in the young label. The group and the solo artist gave themselves RDV for a clip in common, that of the title: “Papillon”.

From the beginning Yuri’s voice is recognizable, then he goes on with his punchlines supported by the heterogeneous flows of the famous band featuring. The clip has its own paw and it is not a coincidence, since it is signed by the historical director of Booba, Chris Macari. In the piece, Dosseh returns to his concept of “hustler”.

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