Myth Syzer (ft. Lolo Zouaï) – Austin Power

Pressure is mounting around Kisses, Myth Syzer’s upcoming project. After having pushed the song on The Code and Coco Love, the producer goes there of his little rap couplet (even if the most assiduous one already heard in this register with the freestyle Jet Ski). Hardly time to put a shout out to NTM Lolo Zouaï returns rob the piece with a catchy and lascivious chorus. One thing is certain, Myth Syzer was not wrong in inviting one of the best hopes of French r’n’b.

Both lead the life of castle in a clip made by Patrick Dufrenoy where the baroque marries streetwear, Louis XV furniture and all-terrain golf carts. All on a sensual r’n’b production magnified by the charming obsolescence of a chorus where there is talk of soft words and kisses in the neck.

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