Roméo Elvis x Le Motel – Respirer

Urging on the success of the reissue of his album Morale 2 (gold record in France), Romeo Elvis offers us the clip hyper styled of Respirer (the Motel to the prod) directed by the talented Sidney Van Wichelen.

In this video, Romeo appears underwater, tired by a crying little girl, worn by her fans in concert … The message is clear: the Belgian rapper feels oppressed and spits his hate on some people or things : the groupies, the fact of being too busy … which annoys him on a daily basis and he realizes how good it is to be able to breathe at times, breathe a little.

This bitch makes a story, I have thirty to fuck
She spits her venom on me like I’m wearing a cropped
Half do not know me, they come to do kind
They pretend to be people, I know better the void since I stuffed in

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