Young M.A “Praktice”

Young M.A. pays homage to rap legend Jewelz in her latest video, referencing the iconic moment that launched a thousand memes. Jewelz, of course, might be better recognized as NBA Hall Of Famer Allen Iverson, whose infamous “practice” rant is still a cultural touchstone for anyone who grew up with an internet connection. In her “Praktice” video, M.A. recreates Iverson’s rambunctious rant with a boisterous twist of her own.

The Rik Cordero-directed video starts off with a reproduction of a post-game media scrum, with dozens of reporters clamoring to ask M.A. their questions. Of course, why asks the million-dollar question, sparking the by-now familiar “We talking about practice?” from M.A. before her bodyguard interjects with an even-more outrageous reaction. The two flip the table and exit the scene, then M.A. takes to the court to perform for her adoring fans. Basketball gyms appear to be the new project steps when it comes to prime music video locales and M.A. utilizes the setting to full advantage, spitting her grimy lyrics at center court while surrounded by supporters.

M.A. has been building a buzz and bubbling under the radar since the release of her first EP Herstory last spring, returning to the freestyles that first built her following. Most recently, she snapped over Gucci Mane’s “I Get The Bag,” excoriating new rappers who violate her personal code of ethics, while displaying an even tighter flow than the one that made “OOOUUU” the song of the summer in 2016.

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