Eminem – Framed

The rapper puts himself in the shoes of a schizophrenic murderer escaped from the asylum in a horror clip halfway between Split and Dexter.

Breaking News: “We have just experienced two weeks of terror in the city of Detroit after the escape of Marshall Mathers, known by his pseudonym Eminem, from the asylum. According to our information, he would be barricaded right now in this house just behind me, “announces a reporter at the beginning of the new video for Slim Shady, Framed, posted on YouTube last night. That sets the tone for this video halfway between Split and Dexter.

The rapper puts himself in the position of a murderer entrenched in a property where he has, obviously, committed a double murder. What the words, which form a kind of “guide of the murderer”, confirm in the wake.

“When murdering women, we should pay attention to those little things where everything could go wrong,” he explains before giving some practical advice in a humor. black reminiscent of Michael C. Hall in the Dexter series.

Appetence for the macabre

In a completely schizophrenic turnaround, the protagonist played by the rapper then claims his innocence and claims to have been the victim of a mounted blow. “I’m almost certain I was framed (I’m almost certain I was trapped),” he sings in the chorus. No doubt it is the fault of the three personalities who are part of him?

As we go along, we understand that he is no longer master of himself and that he does not remember committing these murders. “How did Ivanka Trump land in my chest?” He wonders, before being finally neutralized by the police, hypnotized and returned to the asylum.

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