Changerz – Silence

The strength of the Panama Bende collective is to count among its other groups all more pleasing than the other, as if a gene had mutated and was now able to express all its alleles, whether they are recessive or dominant (dedication to all students in Terminale S). After OZ, composed of the duo Ormaz & Zeu, or La Confrerie, with Ormaz, Zeu and PLK, we now have to rely on Changerz, the new duo formed by Elyo & ASF.

This is one of our favorites of the week: here is the clip of their first single “Silence”, in which appears Rod Paradot, the comedian laureate of the César of the Best Espoir Masculine in 2016.

Directed by video artist Alix Demoussis, the video tells the nightlife of Elyo and ASF who, on board their cars, will deliver a city terrified by an anti-music militia that kidnaps music lovers. Among them, a young beast, who hangs out his jogging and 90s Nike Air anorak where life leads him, is brilliantly embodied by Rod Paradot. He displays the same passion that propelled him as an actor in 2016 in the movie La Tête haute.

Aesthetically, Changerz seems to have drawn his influence from John Carpenter, both in terms of film and music. The synthetic bass of the DJ Elite instrument reminds those of the theme of the film Christine, which told the story of a demonic car …

With Changerz, French rap meets the darkness of electro … We can not wait to see how far this curious mix can take us.

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