Lil Moss ft. Cecilio G // KING ARAB [prod. Enry-K]

Lil Moss ft. Cecilio G // KING ARAB [prod. Enry-K]

Damed Squad is a trio of Catalan trap music formed by singers under the pseudonym of Mishii, Lil Moss and producer Enry-K. They upload their songs to the YouTube platform where they have more than 13,000 subscribers. Mishii sings in English and Lil Moss in Spanish and French.

In this case we listening to Lil Moss featuring Cecilio G (another spanish trapper) and of course produced by EnryK. Lil Moss just drop his last album in colaboration with the best producer from Spain, is called Doha and you should check it, available on his YT channel.

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