Kekra – Viceland

Kekra enters the “Viceland”

The colors and special effects are numerous in this visual proposed by Kekra, once again signed Ousmane Ly and Adrien Lagier. On an energetic production and notes reminiscent of those of Koto (traditional Japanese instrument, ed), the flow is still recognizable. Text side, the crack seems to have ventured to a mix between French and English, and it works perfectly.

“So many vices, my heart becomes ice …”

We notice a Kekra that innovates with a prod as he had never proposed before, and a visual composed of a precise staging. No wonder, when you know the taste that the rapper seems to attach to his clips and his image. A heady chorus as he knows how to do, a vibrant prod and a captivating clip: this new excerpt can only reassure us for the next events. And precisely, Kekra you go on June 22 for the release of his seventh album, Kekraland, as he announced this morning on his social networks. He will succeed to Freebase 1,2 and 3 as well as to Vréel 1, 2 and 3.

Kekra and Asia. The sound and especially visual world of Kekra is regularly marked by culture and Asian, especially Japanese. Thus, many of his clips were shot in Asia, as in Thailand for Pas Paid, but especially in the country of technology and fashion. This is the case of the iconic Sends the Currency, the dynamic 9 Milli, or more recently Zulu Rap and Sends the Currency 3.0.

A great fashion and streetwear adorer, the Hauts-de-Seine rapper has also collaborated with the French brand Hélas and adidas skateboarding, through a video campaign broadcast in the heart of Tokyo. Once again, Kekra pays homage to his country of hearts with a highly successful piece and visual.

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