Keep calm, yeah it becomes difficult
Nan is to remain venerated who is a deficit
Pete 2-3 bottles to keep smiling
Bottle of Dom Per ‘, I broke the piggy bank
Brake on the porch with renoi the funny phrasing
Conso first out of phase
Do not fuck shit, Commissioner, do not shout
My eyes are fat and disgusting
On everything around me, yeah, I have to decompress
Grandfather concerted for any decision, still no resignation
Do I really have to tell how sad my story is
Justice drowns under the piss, not yet finished urinating
Should s’ [?] To ruin itself, I turn on a bed, I’m off
Nobody in the control tower, the landing is brutal
Slut it’s square, renoi it’s square
Go tell them Antisocial is square
BX is square, Paname is square
Passed by all states, makes mine look good
You’re in the [?], Little flexibility, I’m sorry
Caps Survet ‘, you know us
Never to the city, lead life [?]

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