Les Alchimistes – SCT

Belgium will never stop to impress us with its diversity, The Alchemists present us their new clip “SCT” directed by Kespey and produced by Marty and present on their project “Antisocial” available since today.

The initials of the song mean “Survet Hair Dyed” and the clip perfectly represents the style of the band, it jumps everywhere, it’s a joke, a real turn-up on the set, we can not even imagine what it must be in concert.

The violence of neighborhoods is inevitable like the rising waters
Brosters fell and left teeth, left bones

Ruskov & Rizno are therefore presenting their third project, which will clearly take them one step further.

A tour is planned even if it was to start today with a Release Party in Paris and was canceled because of the bad weather, it will resume very soon, if you have protections or you are good at not hesitating to go into the pit that must be a unique experience.

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