Booba – Gotham

“Booba wanted a dark and bloody cartoon”

Seduced by the dark, sharp and bloody graphics of the director, Booba decides to solicit him for his latest title “Gotham” through the duo Twinsmatic (also, authors of the prod). After a month and a half of work for which was requisitioned fifteen people, the clip directed by Malecandco and produced by the studio La Cachette was finally broadcast on Monday night. Max Maleo (@maxmaleo) was artistic director, while Antoine Bertrand (@antoinebertrandartiste) took care of the design of the sets.

“Booba had a global idea of ​​what he wanted,” says Malec. He wanted a dark, bloody cartoon. I offered him scripts. He answered me, I adjusted according to what he wanted and it gave this clip “.

A superhero who sows death

The result of a dark twilight is at the height of the famous comics. In the sticky streets of Gotham, the Duke revisits the mythology of the character created by Bob Kane. “We wanted to have fun by parodying the codes of the comics, here, there are more good and bad,” says Malec.

Under his superhero armor hit by the number 7 (his favorite figure and the name of the new label he has just created), Booba flutes cats and investigates the death of his Catwoman by sowing death in his path (Kaaris Rohff and La Fouine are beheaded by a bat-claw). Only Damso, in charming company, seems to escape his vengeful fury.

In this corrupt and vicious world, the black knight of French rap even ends up going back to police responsibility and the good old Commissioner Gordon ends up violently projecting into the fires of the Kopp-signal. Decidedly, “everything is black here”.

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