Angèle – La Thune

In her new video for La Thune, Angèle makes her self-criticism and sounds the alarm about our relationship to social networks. She takes the fame full force since the release of his piece The Law of Murphy splits a clip not devoid of humor directed by Aube Perrie: a history of turning referenced ultra pastel tones

that refer to the filters Instagram and other content too smooth to be true.

On a production that flirts with reggae, Angela denounces our morbid fascination for screens and the loneliness that often accompanies it. No hypocrisy, however, because the young woman is well aware of participating in this digital madness: “The last verse of the title actually tells that the whole song is a self-criticism a little exaggerated ..

I take a lot of distance with networks, but I have to admit that it’s all part of my job, hence the importance of writing a song to remind people of the dangers. ”

Angèle’s first album will be released on October 5th. She will be performing at the Trianon on November 23rd.

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