Ikaz Boi – Ganja Ft. Ateyaba & 13 Block

Project a bit special since for his first solo mixtape “Brutal”, Ikaz Boi has decided to mix his prod ‘sounds where he is accompanied by artists to the vibrating plan.

First solo project yes but not first project because the producer is not his first try on the contrary, he is one of the most talented and has already released an EP in common with Myth Syzer, another with Veerus the last year and this year we have already been able to find it on all the prod ’13Block’s “Triple S” mixtape …

13Block who is also part here on the title “Ganja” teased for a few months and accompanied by Joke (Ateyaba, we will end up worrying) that we find on a second title entitled “Pyramid Tokyo”. As for the rest, there are two Chicago rappers Adamn Killa & Kami, one of our beloved Belgian Hamza, the intoxicating Parisian duo TripleGo and the Japanese rapper Loota …

In other words that diversification is present and it ‘s is 36 minutes of a journey into a voluptuous musical world that awaits us! A small hearing nugget not to be missed.

Ikaz Boi has nothing to prove, having produced for many artists, France, Belgium or elsewhere and even more recently for Damso on the title “Baltringue” present on the album “Lithopédion”, it makes part of these talented beatmakers ….

Brutal Tracklist:

01. Alone (0:32)
02. Ganja (feat. Ateyaba & 13 Block) (3:39)
03. I Can Feel Better (0:29)
04. Turtle Feet (feat Adamn Killa) (2:57)
05. Do U Know Me (3:34)
06. True love (feat Hamza) (3:14)
07. Pop (0:33)
08. Pyramid Tokyo (Ateyaba feat.) (2:00)
09. Payload (feat. Kami) (2:00)
10. Everykindofdrugs (0:36)
11. Strip Club (3:12)
12. 4K (TripleGo feat) (4:03)
13. Me Vs. Me (3:34)
14. Another Card (Loota feat.) (2:20)
15. R & B Super Jam (3:20)

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