BERGMANN – Pay Attention

On June 22, Bergmann debuted in the spotlight by unveiling “Pay Attention”: a first hypnotic single, through which the young woman, former half of the duo Palmyre, opened the doors of a musical universe sensual and electric , marked by influences in both pop, r’n’b and dancehall.

A week after this release, the artist, whose inspirations oscillate between Sinead O’Connor, Aretha Franklin and Lauryn Hill, dresses today his “Pay Attention” of a clip: a crazy video, made by Studio L collective Etiquette, which reads like a hymn to vengeance and feminine power.

Marked by sequences in VHS, a neonized light and many references to the aesthetics of 2000s r’n’b clips, the “Pay Attention” video immerses us in the heart of a passionate relationship between our singer and a singer. young man – a devouring love, which ends up turning into drama the day when Bergmann, realizing that his lover had stopped paying him all his attention, decides to take revenge with his own hands.

As captivating as bloody, alternating between lascivious atmosphere and extreme violence, this successful clip marks the promising debut of Bergmann. Her first long format, for which she was supported by producers such as Jeremy Chatelain, Pierre-Hadrien Trigano or Junior A La Prod, should soon see the light of day.

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