Rim’K – Cruel

Even if it’s summer, Rim’K does not expect to come out of zumba and joins the duo Twinsmatic for his new track “Cruel” now available on all digital platforms. Pretty dark, seeing the name of the single it could not be otherwise, especially as his next album is titled “Mutant”. The connection between the rapper and the beatmakers is a first, and it’s a success, the prod begins with the sound of an organ and announces the color, black …

In the morning in the mirror, I look at myself I see a mutant
If my life was a manga, I’d be the bad guy
Without a filter in introspective mode, the 94 dehumanized mc goes on to give his vision of the world that he finds the cruelty possible by listing the reasons for what made him “mutant”, he will say that he is wary of everything the world, that he does not feel any more, that he has survived gunshots, the beating of a whore, accidents, etc.

Rarely disappointed with Rim’K who is part of these rappers with a real experience always able to surprise us by remaining authentic with a touch of current rap and it makes all the difference. The clip will be released at noon and looks just as visually pleasing, when the album can hope for an exit for the return. What do you think of this comeback and new single?

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