Rosalía is back with the second advance of her new album El mal querer. The subject in question is called Pienso en tu mirá. The single, which is accompanied by a video clip, is already number one in YouTube trends.

On May 29 Rosalía shared Malamente, a song that marked the line that was going to have El mal querer, a second long in which flamenco clashes with the latest trends in urban music. Badly I saw the light with a video that did not leave anyone indifferent by its visual codes linked to the Flemish tradition.

Now, the Catalan artist returns to surprise with Pienso en tu mirá, with a catchy refrain that is repeated over and over again by the voices of the Milagro girls choir from the La Ventilla neighborhood of Madrid.


The videoclip, named Pienso en tu mirá (Cap.3: Jealousy), continues the story that left Malamente open and in less than 24 hours has already become number one in YouTube trends.



I think your look comes to light at a time when Rosalia is also news for knowing that she is working as an actress with Pedro Almodóvar in the next film by the director from La Mancha. In addition, his concerts at Sónar 2018 and the Cultura Inquieta festival have been a critical success for the choreographed staging that accompanies his songs.


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