Mark Gonzales /// Aloha Super

In celebration of two decades of working together, adidas Skateboarding & Mark Gonzales hosted Showcase X at Milk Studios in New York City to celebrate creativity and freedom of expression.

The following performance took place on July 12th, 2018 and contains clips from Mark Gonzales’ original 1998 performance in Mönchengladbach, Germany laid to Coconut Records’ “West Coast” as a tribute to the song’s original music video.



Original Footage by Cheryl Dunn © 1998

Music by Coconut Records, “West Coast” © 2007

Produced & Directed by Matt Irving & Moose Huerta.

Edited by Kirk Dianda

Filmed by Kirk Dianda, Zander Taketomo, Kyle Camarillo, Matt Irving & Bill Strobeck Photography by Skin Phillips & Colin Sussingham

Special thanks to Tia Romano, Cheryl Dunn, Dan Field, Jason Schwartzman, Mazdack Rassi & Milk Studios

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