ESC European Open Skateboarding 2018 Finals (Aurelien Giraud, Benjamin Garcia, Matias dell Olio)

The ESC Finals went through the roof with tricks flying higher and further than anyone had ever seen before. Aurelien Giraud put down the hardest tricks but apparently the judges were watching something else at that time because he ended up in 6th place which is ridiculous. But maybe thats just our opinion.

First place went to fellow countrymen Benjamin Garcia, second (also French) Joseph Garbaccio and third place went to the Argentinian Matias Dell Olio.

Film/edit Tim Koster

Host Woody Hoogendijk


Benjamin Garcia

Joseph Garbaccio

Aurelien Giraud

Rob Maatman

Bart Bellyman Buikman

Mika Moller

Douwe Macare (Dmac)

Matias Dell Olio

music ProleteR – The Misfit Song

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