Lomepal – 1000°C (feat. Roméo Elvis)

Unveiled live this weekend on Skyrock, the new “1000 ° C” sound of Lomepal in feat with Romeo Elvis is now available on all digital platforms.

A rip radio was already running to give us a small preview of the song but the quality being less, we could not really appreciate and besides the Belgian rapper was absent to leave the surprise until the setting on line … The clip could to arrive in the day or soon.

I ejaculate style and I fucked everywhere

If this is not the first time that we find the two artists together and each time they raise the temperature, then we go up to 1000 ° C for a crazy piece produced by Pierrick Devin, Superpoze & VM The Don to discover without further delay.

This is the first excerpt from Lomepal’s new album, which is due out for the end of the year, on which he worked night and day at the risk of sleeping badly and being stressed.

We hope for him that it will be worth it, at least with this single, we have a semblance of answer …

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