Bodega Spotlights UNDERCOVER’s FW18 Collection

Out of this world.

Bodega decided to play into the film’s extraterrestrial aura, the visuals center around a sole model left to survey a desolate landscape, taking time to study the alien atmosphere, while decked out head-to-toe in the label’s collection wares of course.

Aside from the swarm of “HAL Laboratories” and “HAL 9000”-themed apparel, including tape seam-adorned hoodies, graphic tops, utility trousers, printed headwear, and the now famous Astronautics Down Jacket is a collaborative sneaker range with Converse. Spotted above in tonal yellow, red and black, Jun Takahashi chose the low-cut Chuck Taylor to integrate into his label’s seasonal lineup, embellishing each pair with the words “Order” and “Disorder.” Be sure to keep tabs on Bodega’s online shop for when UNDERCOVER’s FW18 collection drops.




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