Pro Skateboarder Zion Wright Throws Down Bangers for HBO’s ‘Ballers’

The latest season of HBO‘s Ballers ventures into the world of action sports. A new frontier for the series, the show taps one of skateboarding’s most exciting young hopefuls, wunderkind Zion Wright.

Picking up the board at the age of four in his hometown of Jupiter, FL, Zion quickly gained an affinity and passion for the sport. Having a small stature, the athlete became known for his explosive big style allowing him to dominate his local contest scene. Though now at 19, Zion’s progression has been relentless, as he goes even bigger with a broadened bag of tricks. He presents his diverse catalog in his “Bangin” feature, throwing down a full-cab backside bluntslide to fakie on the hubba, a backside nose grab 540 over the quarter pipe hip and even a fakie flip backside boardslide on the handrail.

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