Caballero & JeanJass – A2

THE CLIP OF THE DAY: Caballero & Jean Jass overcome their breakups in “A2”

In the clip of “A2”, from their album Double Helix 3, we find Caballero & Jean Jass on the arms of women dolls. Their way to compensate for the departure of their respective beloved.

Eight layers of foundation, contact lenses, false eyelashes and perfect stillness will be enough for filmmakers Adrien Lagier and Ousmane Ly, to create an effect as realistic as unsettling.

Accustomed to paintings with a striking aesthetic, we already found the duo behind the camera on the clips of “10 balls” Kekra, “W.L.G. From Niska or more recently “1000 ° C” from Lomepal and Romeo Elvis.


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