Tengo John – Tyson Guts

Tengo John is also releasing his EP “Hyakutake” this month, November 23. After the first “OLB” extract with Cinco, discover “Tyson Guts” produced by RémyThePlug and put into images by PLC Production.

In a big egotrip concise, once again the rapper of 94 comes to refer to former boxer Mike Tyson and manga Berserk and his main character Guts, but not only because there are also references to Star Wars, Death Note and The clip as usual is quite stylish and seems to be inspired by American Nightmare purge mode where Tengo brings out his demons.

Know that for my Casca, I’m even ready to make me tear off my arm like Guts

For this new project succeeding his mixtape “Multicolored” released earlier this year, Tengo John will offer us 9 titles.



And when we see the guests, Cinco, Prince Waly, Infinite and Enchanted Julia, we say that everyone should find happiness with a Tengo posed or a Tengo end kicker.

Find the lowest tracklist and the single on all digital platforms.

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