Prince Waly – Marsellus Wallace

Good news: the prince of french RAP is back with a new piece, accompanied by a clip.

Half of Big Budha Cheez has just unveiled the title “Marsellus Wallace” on YouTube, with a graphic support – made by Valentin Petit – faithful to the world of the rapper.

In a dark and heavy atmosphere, the rapper from Montreuil pays tribute to the iconic character of Pulp Fiction performed by Ving Rhames (to whom we owe the memorable tirade: “I’m very far from finished with you! play it with the flame well medieval! “in VF).


A hostile universe where money, violence, family, wine and Asian food intermingle (surely Korean, then), while recalling the influences of The Wire and mafia films by Martin Scorsese. The evil infiltrates everywhere: “In his street, the ghosts reappeared”, and from now on, they go as far as to penetrate his residence and to appropriate the spirit of his close ones.


Authentic French rap as we like, directly inspired by nineties. No variety, no artifice for the Prince. After having worked with Lomepal on a prodigy of the mythical The Alchemist and unveiled the new album of the group of 93 at the beginning of the year, Prince Waly continues to take the gallon.


This time, it will be for a second solo project, after a first experience (Junior) unveiled in late 2016 – including a participation of Myth Syzer. His upcoming EP will be called Bo y z and will be released early next year. No doubt it will take a very close look at this project in early 2019.

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