FRENCH CORRECTION volume 01 in Barcelona

FRENCH CORRECTION volume 01 in Barcelona

With Dj Weedim, Dj PONE, Richie Reach, Dj R-ASH, Yibril & Chiva RUE, Evil Money, French Bakery, Elephant Print, KLAP, North Raval.

Pop-up store, Live DJ, exhibitions, fooding and parties days and nights in Barcelona, a full week-end turn-up in the best spot of the city.

Day 1 : start in Straight Hunters canabis club, then exhibitions and live DJ in MACERA cocktail bar sponsored by the local brand North Raval 

Day 2 : Pop up store Evil Money x French Bakery in the KLAP store in the center of the city with live DJ + showcase.
Then after party in the secret club Dj Weedim, Dj PONE, Richie Reach, Dj R-ASH,


DAY 3 : Piknik in the Citadela parc. French hip-hop, red wine, cheese and oysters.

Partners :
North Raval 
French Bakery 
Straight Hunters 
Evil money 
Elephant Print 
Nossa radio 
Macera bar 
Rap Franquette 

Video report :
Kamel Gondry, Felipe Salvador 

Credit photo . Jeremie Lecompte

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