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Seizur aged 20, born in Bar-le-Duc in the East of France. He will make his childhood nomadic by moving at least once a year until he is 16 years old. Coming from a rural background he will grow between excesses, drama and financial difficulties.

Without a real diploma in hand he will start working immediately exit of the school curriculum, in order to provide for the needs of his family. Seizur made his rap debut in 2012 officially. He participates in many open mic, joined several MC’s on independent compilations and released several Tape in the privacy at the fûr and over the years.

Active for 6 years now, he has a traditional career before becoming professional in early 2018 with the collaboration of the East’Art Nancy production company and the invaluable help of other stakeholders. He is now mainly rapping on Trap, but keeps a unique feather and particularly worked. Owner of a flow and a unique voice, verses full of alliterations, the most advanced styles of figures will give way to energetic, dynamic refrains that will make crowds jump.

© EP Peregrinus

Highly influenced by the US sounds produced by Dr. Dre, or by the ability to adapt to the Niro. Seizur is a true blend of precision and spontaneity, it reinforces the image of the rap said “conscious” by adapting it in its own way. Hip-Hop in attitude and in his dress style, smiling and arrogant, he places himself very well in his character detached from himself.

A kind of alter-ego that he embodies during his titles and shows. In the clear objective and claimed to mark the French game and to make its place there, Seizur is determined and knows perfectly what he wants for his musical future.

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