Juicy P, Alkpote – Cercle Fermé

These are 2 legends of the independent scene of Essonne who meet. Alkpote and Juicy P sign one of the strong featurings of the beginning of the year with the song Circle closed.

Is Juicy P preparing us a 91 Empire? A few weeks after his piece Faster than the balls alongside Koba LaD, it is with another atypical artist from the southernmost department of the Île-de-France that he collaborates: A.L.K.P.O.T.E.

This is not the first time they pose on the same song, but they are usually collective tracks like African Braking # 4 Part.2 (with Sazamizy, Sultan and Mayeurs) and War Zone (with LMC Click, Cortex and Skaner) on La crème du 91, mix-tape d’Alk which brought together many artists from the department.

For this piece that reunites Grigny and Evry (whose neighborhoods are historically in conflict), it is the beatmakers of the collective Bank of sounds, and in particular Kubbzmuzik, who were responsible for releasing the prod to suit the opposite styles of the 2 rappers.

Between the flow very posed and clear of Juicy P and the multisyllabic well dirty of Alkpote, complementarity is the appointment for a good street egotrip.

As for the sound, the image is signed by a regular of the circle of Juicy in the person of Louis Garrifa. The latter takes us to a dealer where our rappers come to pick up an Audi and especially in a rather relaxed evening where lascars rub shoulders and pretty girls in a happy atmosphere.

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