Jazzy Bazz – Cinq heures du matin (Clip Officiel)

Five-Hour Morning Tour with Jazzy Bazz

© Kamel Gondry

As promised, Jazzy Bazz swayed the clip illustrating the title “Five o’clock in the morning” at … five o’clock in the morning. A piece that evokes this moment a little scary after a well-watered evening where the reality comes back to us in the face and where we wonder, among other things, our love lives.

The video directed by Dijor Smith plunges us into an offbeat universe where Jazzy Bazz was reduced to figurines.

“I was miniaturized by 3D printer, it’s really well done! {…} The idea often starts with the technical aspect, then leads us to other things.Here, we really wanted to recreate the atmosphere of 5am, the party, in a somewhat unrealistic way, ”

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