Chilla – Mira

With a year 2018 quite discreet despite a single day of school that has more than 5 million views on YouTube, Chilla starts 2019 with a new single which she unveiled the clip this Wednesday, January 9.

In “Mira”, produced by Benjay, the rapper mixes love and violence, destroying her lover by putting a bag on her head.

Interesting to place a man in this situation of weakness.

The title is a little vaporous and sung away from the R’n’B lovers but not plugged Trap and nervousness. The video directed by Aube Perrie is cinematographic.

NLP with Kourtrajme, Bosh with Blvck Anouar, SCH with Fifou, are all examples of groups or rappers who assume the artistic and cinematographic side of their video clip.

This is a trend that comes directly from the US and some clips like Lamar’s “Allright” or Joey Bada$$ “Paper Trail”. Chilla reminds everyone that she is definitely a woman of her time.

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