L’Or du Commun – Vrai (feat. Roméo Elvis)

Check out the latest clip from L’Or du Commun: True, from ” Sapiens ”, available

The Belgian trio L’Or du Commun sends the fifth excerpt of the project “Sapiens”, released last November 16th, by inviting Roméo Elvis to be at his side, like the rapper Isha, also present on the album in the piece “Our genes”.

In “True”, real banger, the quartet balances “the success always creates envious” with energy overflowing on the production of beatmaker and rapper Lyonnais Vax1, who also collaborated with The Entourage in particular.

A side ego-trip, put in image by Teva Vetea in black and white, as if to underline the blackness of the remarks held.

The message of the group is based on success and its consequences, including manipulation of the public or mass, based on: “It is easier to sleep the crowd once muzzled.” A good way for the quartet to be authentic in “True”.

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