Waxx – Night And Day

Waxx continues to announce his album with the video of “Night and Day”. A production to discover with aficia.

Waxx will not be unfamiliar to you. Indeed, you have no doubt seen alongside PV Nova and Le Comité des Reprises.

An original program full of talent where the two artists invited stars like Sting, Disiz La Peste, Oxmo Puccino, Vianney, Coeur de Pirates or Bigflo Oli to resume their own title. Waxx you have, no doubt, crossed with Apple taking, for example, “Rockstar” Post Malone and “D.A.N.C.E” Justice.

He also collaborates with L.E.J. for example, he will be invited by Jared Leto to join Thirty Seconds To Mars on the Rock en Seine festival stage on the title “Rescue Me”. In short, Waxx is a guy full of talent and humor and he is preparing to publish his album under the label Mercury (Universal Music). With Doums and 2zer Washington!

The musician and producer continues to highlight his project with a new clip. Indeed, after “Turn Up” in collaboration with the skateboarder Richie Jackson, Waxx offers us the listening of “Night and Day”. A title that is already offered an original image with guest Doums and 2zer Washington (S-Crew). Under the eye of SLM3K who makes this video, Waxx seems to be searching for identity, passing in the hands of an unsatisfied photographer, posing as a worthy warrior of ‘Game of Thrones’ …

Echo to his words or he says that we ‘want everything’, that we ‘need everything’ … Musically Waxx offers a title or electric guitars occupy the space with a jerky rhythm … Between saturation, softness and electro accent Waxx continues to lay the stones of his project and it is promising.

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