404Billy – Vécu

And to put in images this noticed piece of the first semester, he appealed to Agaprod & James Cam’Rhum.

The latter give us a tailor-made clip, in which 404Billy is grimmed to death, comes out of his grave, drops some sharp rhymes underneath hung and goes off again in the darkness as if he were going home.

Added to this are multiple effects, passages with his son and so on. The MC believes at least in the love of his family and this is the most important.

As he said again recently, “Process” is not an album but an EP, just like “Hostile”. If he planned a day to release an LP? We do not know, probably he will cross the course during his career, but it does not seem to the menu for now.

As long as the quality is there, as long as it continues to please the public, the format does not matter, and moreover a new project could happen soon, maybe even before this summer …

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