The young rookie has everything bet on this year 2019. Indeed, determined to be noticed by an ever wider audience, BLK has embarked on a whole new series of freestyles.

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Thanks to this process, he hopes eventually to obtain the success of counterparts such as Ninho, Gradur or Sofiane who have really imposed themselves in this way.

For several weeks, BLK has not stopped stacking freestyles. He inaugurated his series of freestyles stamped #LPRAV at the beginning of February in his Lab before moving on the field, but never without his Pare Balls. The sixth and last episode, C.R, published this Friday, April 26, is part of this vein: BLK filmed at the bottom of his building while delivering aggressive lines tinged with an uninhibited egotrip.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "BLK140"

Determined to win by force in French rap, BLK required the support of a solid record company. To do this, he joined the team Mal Luné Music, founded by the two brothers DJ Quick and Nice, whose most eminent member of the roaster is Ninho. The star rapper hit the charts with his album Destiny, which won a gold record in its first week of operation. Above all, he supports BLK in his business, which should inexorably push him up. Apart from these two men, we can count Kingzer or Blasko, two other talents in the making.

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