Linea 77 – AK77 ft. Salmo, Slait

Line 77 is back with AK77, the new single with Salmo and Slait, and with a video that is all a tribute to Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.

You can see it above. As Sergeant Hartman, there is a ruthless Psalm. “Playback videos in the sheds had stewed us ten years ago, we just wanted to have fun and move the bar higher, even by gambling with ourselves.

The natural outcome of the piece could not be that it drifted towards Kubrick’s film: once the scenes to be reproduced had been selected and considering that it would have been crazy to let this opportunity slip away, given the undeniable similarities between Dade, Nitto and Salmo with the Soldier Jocker, Palla di Lardo and Sergeant Hartman, the real challenge has become to reconstruct every single frame almost with a philological attitude ».

The song, produced by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, serves to feed the wait for the band’s only date scheduled for November 6th at the Alcatraz in Milan.

A live full of guests including – in all probability – even the same Salmo, Slait and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo.

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