Voyou – La serre

“La serre sera notre tombe” in his new clip “La serre”, Voyou, of which you have long heard the title “Les trois loubards ” on Nova, simply speaks of our planet.

With his words, simple, unadorned, Thibaud Vanhooland speaks of this serious subject and today inevitable: the future of the world as we know it in the face of pollution and global warming.

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But as the siren alarm is drawn with a playful and effective melody, we understand that the end of the world is near (it’s time to load your bunker with various and varied cans, you are warned), but we do not worry about it more than that.

It is Antonin Peretjako who realizes this video, in which Voyou smokes blue mushrooms in a green world, sits on a chair “Emmanuelle”. This world is a greenhouse hidden in a basement, a kind of Jumanji without the disadvantages (Rhinoceros that pop up, hunter shooting at you, the rising waters, etc.), even if strange humans are walking around and dancing naked. As in his films The Girl of July 14 and The Law of the Jungle, Peretjako gives free rein to his overflowing imagination to give this song an even more far-fetched tone.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Voyou - La serre"

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