Having formally introduced herself with the icy debut single ‘Vrille’, French based artist Sally has burst onto the scene and made quite the impression.

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The track’s trap-inspired beat, penned by Shawondasee, boasts an anthemic vibe whilst Sally alternates between singing and rapping with her silken tones serving as the perfect accompaniment.

Showcasing her versatility as a singer and songwriter, Sally soars on the glorious performance of previously unreleased single ‘JFLA’ for COLORS.

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Opening with sombre piano chords before an icy electronic beat pierces the soundscape, the ‘JFLA’ takes a more mellow and laid back direction whilst Sally flexes her vocal chops with spine-tingling falsettos serving as the cherry on the cake.

With her debut EP around the corner, tuck into Sally’s enthralling performance of ‘JFLA’ up top!

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