Scylla – BX VICE

BX Vice, the new album of Belgian rapper Scylla is available. An ode to himself, his pen and his hometown of Brussels.

Scylla, his mind still wise, and his pen, still sharp and poetic. Between melancholic songs in which he lets speak all his sensitivity and more combative titles or he exalts all his rage his technique, Scylla explores with BX Vice, its duality between Gilles, the man and father, and Scylla, the ogre and brutal monster who can crack the earth with a single scream.

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A liberating return to the sources for the artist and a summary of what he does best in the end. Always with the same passion as the first time.

And since the people of Brussels never do things in half, a few hours before delivering his fourth studio album to his family, he took the opportunity to share the video of “BX Vice”.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Scylla - BX VICE"

A sumptuous piece in which he takes stock and reviews his career for more than seven minutes. Not only does this give his title to the album, but he is also the one that the artist considers himself “one of the most important of his career”.

What’s more normal when you know that he puts “his heart and his guts on the table, completely, without detours”. In any case, Scylla may be hostage to his pen, both together, they do wonders.

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