Easy Life – Earth

Easy Life Crash-Landed On “Earth” And Want to Get Out ASAP

“Earth” is a funky little track that’s driven by R&B vocals, a gentle beat, and indie-synth sounds. The song’s opening sounds like it’s the continuation of a lost-at-space narrative.

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The song soars like a story, with clever lyrics and an endlessly catchy chorus. It’s an addictive song that’s luscious with heavenly British-twanged vocals and oozing electronic sounds.

“I said excuse me Ms I need to fly back home / I left my spaceship in a permit only zone / And when I get lost, I need to get away / And when I try to swerve I make the same mistakes…”

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Easy Life - Earth"

This is a track for those who might not feel at home on this planet (shoutout to the aliens at Area 51, we’re thinking about you). We only have one Earth, and Easy Life expresses that the future is bleak. 

Shot in Morocco, the accompanying vid is trash. No, literally. Surrounded by piles of rubbish, the surreal video was directed by Sophie Muller and pulls on the group’s playfulness while also delivering a powerful message.

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