“Are you ready” for 1PLIKE140 ?

In the caste of hungry young rappers, it is difficult to miss a 1PLIKE140 which has been ruling for many weeks on the YouTube platform. A follower of particularly violent images, he puts the cover back today with a freestyle of which he has the secret.

1PLIKE140 continues its momentum with a new unpublished called “T’es prêt ou pas?” which sounds like a challenge to the listener. It must be said that the rookie is not going softly, chaining tackles to the throat and other very bloody celebrations !

Under the NEFAST 140 camera, it is in a certain efficiency that it makes the difference, relying on a band of friends and a natural image.

Designated succession of 92, 1PLIKE140 seduced the critics with its first EP named 1PLIKTOI unveiled recently. Between productions signed Myth Syzer and Binks Beatz, the guy did the job, signing in particular drill songs of the best effect.

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