After making one of the best YouTube start-ups in Quebec rap last June, Enima comes back to conquer Europe with “Nouveau Boss” !

Produced by LeTempsDuPiano, Enima is telling us in “Nouveau Boss” that, despite his Most Wanted status in Canada, he’s not gonna stop his ascension and is ready to make his place on the European scene ! The videoclip is directed by Kamel Gondry and edited by Nuage Films

From Algeria, Enima left his country for Canada when he was 11 years old. Mistrustful of people at this young age, the rapper called himself Amine to not let the others know his real identification, until he met a french guy that transformed it in “verlan” in french (purl words) to Enima.

ENIMA – Nouveau Boss – Pic by @jeremie_leconte

Independent in the rap game since 2016, Enima started his carrer with Mixtapes such as MMS Volume 1 and MMS Volume 2 by creating his own label MMS (“My Money Straight”). On those productions of respectively 17 and 12 songs, the rapper from Algeria invited artists from Montreal with who he’s still collaborating like Kay Bandz, Ness el Digital, Izzy-S, Lk Tha Goon, Gxlden Child or the rapper Russkov.

Aware about the fact that the french Canadian market is complicated to develop, Enima is doing everything to give a big push to the local talents, and share the Quebec rap music worldwide.

Between raw lyrics and melodious sounds, his style is a very good mix between French and American rap. He also mentioned during his interview with Montreality, his taste for SCH music and performed a featuring with Migos in 2018.

ENIMA – Nouveau Boss – Pic by @jeremie_leconte

Enima also became famous those last years because of his legal disputes with Quebec justice. Indeed, in 2014 he had been declared inadmissible to Canada in 2014 for serious criminality, but was subsequently granted a stay. More recently, he is accused of shooting a man and inflicted him serious injuries in June 2019, in Toronto. Since then, the Canadian justice doesn’t have any physical news of him.

Apparently flying between Algeria and Europe, he’s subject to “an arrest warrant from the Border Services Agency” and we should not see him in Canada before a certain time.

Those little trips in Europe made him build relationships, and he recently signed with the distribution music society, Believe France, that already worked with Medine, JuL and PNL.

Enima and the Artistic Director Kamel Gondry – Pic by @jeremie_leconte

Despite all those experiences, Enima is still someone pretty ambitious and determined, and this what he’s sharing with us in his new song:

“Non, non j’ai pas lâché han, j’me suis jamais lassé, han

Tout droit vers la victoire si elle vient pas je vais l’arracher, han”

ENIMA – Nouveau Boss – Pic by @jeremie_leconte

Far from Canada, far from the problems, Enima can enjoy life as he always wanted with a lot of pleasure:

“Maman je rejoins mes rêves, après toute cette attente

J’apprécie le moment

Il fallait bien de la souffrance

Il fallait bien une descente

Pour remonter la pente”

ENIMA – Nouveau Boss – Pic by @jeremie_leconte

With a story that reminds us of the journey of Mister You or Lacrim, a big personality and a musical style various and international, Enima shouldn’t have issue pleasing French-speaking and European people.

Other projects are apparently coming and you will probably hear about him again…. For the moment you can listen to his song on all streaming platforms !

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