“Echelon Music vol. 2” : Vald announces the release of a new mixtape with his label

After several months of absence, Vald has finally announced the arrival of the second mixtape of his label, called “Echelon Music vol. 2”.

Vald is back! While he unveiled the first mixtape of his label last December, called Echelon Music vol. 1, the rapper from Aulnay who recently appeared on the TV show The Voice as a coach for the candidates during the battles, has just announced a nice surprise to his public.

Echelon 2 is coming

Available for pre-order at http://echelonrecords.fr

Indeed, almost two years after the release of Ce monde est cruel, the 28-year-old rapper, who has been rather discreet in the last few months, has planned to release the second part of his mixtape, called Echelon Music vol. 2, this Friday 23 April. While the first edition unveiled some nice talents such as Suikon Blaz AD, Seezy, Aociz, Charles BDL, Gold Gee, Rafal, Sirius, Bes and Yonidas, among others, the tracklist of the second project should not be long in coming.

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