Caballero & JeanJass – CHEF (Prod Ozhora Miyagi & BLWYRMND)

On the way to new adventures in 2018, Caballero & JeanJass are cooking you gourmet dishes … While various projects are in preparation, they arrive with Chef. A clip in the pure vein of the duet made in Belgium, where everyone tames the prod with a style between nonchalance and determination. Caba and JeanJass, or when insolence is elevated to the rank of art.

An excerpt to make you salivate …
Always in a good position when it comes to setting foot in the dish, Caba and JeanJass have not departed from the rule today. After their feat with Alkpote, it’s with their brand new track, the well-named Chef, that the two friends dictate their rules as they see fit. A funny and impertinent egotrip, where sexual, political and other punchlines mix for a very colorful delusion. 100% Belgium as we like, uninhibited at will. Perfect to inaugurate a vintage that will certainly be very busy …

Belgium, a stronghold of French-speaking rap
It is little to say that in 2017, Belgium will have exploded in the face of the French game. With artists like Caballero & JeanJass, Damso, Hamza, Romeo Elvis and many others, the flat country has emerged as THE area to be watched very closely this year. The local scene has also found in the soundtrack of the film Killers, directed by François Troukens. The opportunity for Booska P to meet Isha, Lord Gasmique and Senamo, who described the why and how of the Belgian scene:

Isha – “Our strength, I think it’s the diversity in the universe, in the sounds, in the scriptures … That’s what characterizes BX, everyone in his thing, we are inspired by each other. This is the strength of compil and the strength of the city.

Senamo – “In BX, for example, you do not have cities, outlying and peripheral neighborhoods, everything is almost in the same place, you can be in a bourgeois zone and take two steps and find yourself where there are dwellings In truth, everyone is close to everyone without a priori In addition, we have a climate that plays on that, in Belgium it rains all the time so it necessarily gives a color to what we do. to mix a lot of different cultures that opens you, here we are all curious “.


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Réalisateur : La Ruche Prod

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