KLAP release / 1995, Aki la Machine, Willaxxx, Stamina, L’Entourage LIVE

KLAP clothing – Release Party 01 / Record Stores in Bastille / 1995 – Aki Machine – Dirty Swift – Eargasm
At KLAP clothing released in March its new 2011 collection.

The opportunity to make a big party and to find at the record stores artists close to the brand:


► 1995 (Nekfeu, Alpha Wann, Sneazzy, Areno Jaz, Fonky Flav, Dj Lo)

► DIRTY SWIFT (HHLS/ Marché Noir/ Bounce2dis)

► EARGASM (Itchy & Scratchy)

► AKI LA MACHINE (Degaine 2 Guepard)

► BONGO RORO (GMAB/ CO2 Activity)

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